Cocky Eek

Field Academy-Almere

The Field Academy is a practical exchange of knowledge between various academies, local experts and the human and non-human inhabitants in and around Almere beach.

In a world of change and uncertainty fieldwork in the broadest sense of the word is a crucial part of our cultural orientation. The Field Academy is a platform where diverse academies can develop and test their own vision on fieldwork on site. Participating Academies  were/are the Academy of Architecture (dep. landscape architecture with Thijs de Zeeuw), the Rietveld Academy (dep. Jewellery-Linking Bodies with Sonja Baumel), the Royal Conservatoire, the Hague, (dep ArtSciene Interfaculty)  and the Academy for Theater and Dance (dep. Mime.)

Besides being a testing ground for academies, the Field Academy organised the open summer sessions; an open invitation for everybody who wants to be immersed in a diverse program of sensory explorations of the environment. Guided by creative makers and local experts the landscape will be viewed from entirely new perspectives. You can participate in a diverse range of outdoor workshops and inspiring field lectures. Each session is a collective voyage of discovery and surprise is the central theme.

..”The Field Academy works from the power of not-knowing and lets go of the controlled environment of a classroom or laboratory. When we open these walls we are in direct contact with a much larger field. We think and act very differently in the presence of animals and plants or in the middle of an intense rainstorm. What happens when an experiment really relates to the area with all its human and non-human inhabitants?” Cocky Eek


foto’s s by Erwin Budding, Cleo Thomas, Kasper van der Horst, Theun Karelse and Cocky Eek