Cocky Eek
FoAMs’ Anarchive looks at FoAM’s multi-decade existence from different vantage points, to unearth or revisit things that can have generative potential for the here-and-now and the yet-to-come. The anarchived materials from the FoAM network complement and contrast newly commissioned pieces by FoAM’s members, collaborators and friends. You can visit FoAM’s five thematic journeys here, my blogpost 1000-portals and Walk with me are small parts of this whole. posted 6 june 2023.
A group of 11 students of the ArtScience Interfaculty participated in the course Why Look at Animals? as part of the Machine Wilderness program at ARTIS Royal Zoo in Amsterdam. The students explored if we can rediscover animals as highly esteemed informants and guides. Their findings are published in a Field Guide to Machine Wilderness, a book by Theun Karelse and Alice Smits. Launced at 22th september 2023 at Zone2Source, Amsterdam. PDF:
Field Academy: Amstelpark as Sensorial Heritage: a two-days workshop-program given by a myriad of wonderful people, all delving into the discreet and intangible legacy of the Amstelpark which allowed the participants to anchor in the worldly in a total new way. Program see: Zone2Source, Amstelpark, Amsterdam. Read the fieldreport by Anne-Florence Neveu. 24-25 September 2022. (image credits above: Theun Karelse)

Void presented at the Conflux Festival 2022 is an installation where one could insert its head into a pitch black sphere in which kinetic sound became the major actor in an experience of amaurosis. Besides all the conceptual metaphors this act embodies, the work gives the audience a sensorial experience, reminding us of our direct relation to the world through our senses. What happens if you take them away, or enhance others by creating a hyper focus on sound? Void: a collaboration with Joris Strijbos. Conflux Festival, 2-5 June 2022, V2-Roterdam, NL.

Spectrum is an installation that makes colour tactile and tangible. How intensely can you experience colour? Colour as a phenomenon which you don’t just see, but which totally absorbs…Escape the mundane. Fall backwards into a black hole and reawaken in an infinite spectrum. An immersive experience which will give you a whole new perspective on the everyday life.
‘Following Blaas and Curve, Spectrum completes a triptych centered on white space, each piece created with spatial designer Cocky Eek. In Blaas you crawl through an inflatable balloon; in Curve you enter an endlessly spiraling tunnel. Spectrum starts by asking: how can we make the colour physically tangible?’ A joint project involving Matthijs Munnik, a light artist with an extraordinary sense of colour, and composer Yannis Kyriakides, who turns the sound composition into a spatial experience. produced by Schweigman&. Presented 9 feb t/m 16 feb 2022, Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, FR. last minute cancelled due to Covid Pandamic.
23rd Biennale of Sydney. For the Space In Between program Carolyn Strauss Slow Research Lab was joined by spatial designer Cocky Eek and landscape architect Anna Fink to create a site-specific intervention called Resonant Bodies_Tank Stream. The audio-based exercise invites Biennale visitors to gently tune their awareness to diverse scales and substance of the local urban landscape—situating their bodies within it while encouraging them to stretch their perception to more-than-human spaces and temporalities. 2 march-13 juni 2022, Biennale Sydney.

Published interview with Olivia Grandville, artistic director of Mille Plateaux Centre Chorégraphique National de La Rochelle (FR) and Cocky Eek by Gilles Amalvi. Newsletter sept/dec 2022.
For the absolutely wonderful Slow Spatial Reader: Chronicles of Radical Affection, edited by Carolyn F. Strauss, I contributed the essay Standing with Two Feet in Complex Matter, Amsterdam: Valiz, 2021, Published under the Creative Commons. Slow Spatial Reader offers a collection of essays about ‘Slow’ approaches to spatial practice and pedagogy from around the world. The book’s contributors are from twenty-four countries on five continents. Each one brings distinct philosophical and disciplinary approaches—from ‘spatial’ fields like architecture, sculpture, and installation, but also performative, somatic and/or dramaturgical practices—, exploring how we think about and engage with space at a range of scales, tempos, and durations.
Landscape of Care: a handbook for urban design engagement, essay contribution. This publication offers a window into a cross-cultural project of urban design engagement in the city of Tiznit, Morocco. Led by the Netherlands-based platform Slow Research Lab, the bureau of architect Salima Naji, and Naji’s nonprofit association Gardiens de la Mémoire, the project involved creative practitioners from fields including architecture, design, landscape, urbanism, and artistic research. Published on Dec 6, 2020 
Nicky Assmann received the Witteveen+Bos-award for Art+Engineering 2020 . In honor of this price, a wonderful book has been released featuring the body of her work and included our collaborative work – Sinking in Between [2020]. Sinking in Between is a composition for a floating form in the water, and a light composition on its surface brought forward iridescent colours, reminiscent of ice crystals. The book of Nicky Assmann is available here.