Cocky Eek


Frozen // raze from a series experiments where local wind energies generate pneumatic movements.
The Eemmeer is a lake situated in the middle of the Netherlands at my birthplace Eemnes, NL. It measures 13.4 square kilometers and contains one small island, the Dode Hond (Dead Dog). The Eemmeer is one in a series of peripheral lakes used to geohydrologically detach the low-lying polders of Flevoland from higher old mainland.
This event took place at 14 January 2009 among early morning ice skaters and swarms of birds. 

White Sands // This field experiment (2012) at the White Sands Missile test facilities in New Mexico, USA explores the phenomena of optical illusions in which the zones of heat, sand, reflective shield and the sky melt together. Various forms of dunes are found within the limits of White Sands. Dome dunes are found along the southwest margins of the field and parabolic dunes occur in high numbers along the northern, southern, and northeastern margins. The dunes constantly change shape and slowly move downwind. Where does the sand end and the sky start and vise versa. One gets disorientated by the twisted reflections in which the sand melts above and the sky trembles beneath. 

Balloon Dress (2007) // The breathing rhythm of the wearer influences the glow-intensity of her pneumatic form. This semi-transparent form acts as a soft interface between the intimate body and its direct surrounding.
Balloon Dress // Project foamfr0th 03, Surface Tension, FoAM, BE